Hello & thanks for stopping by! I’m Amanda! I’m probably already a few coffees in, and depending on the time, it could even be in the double digits (eek). I’ve never actually had 50 coffees in one day, but it does take a lot to keep me going. More on caffiene later, let me tell you what you’ll find here at fifty Coffees Later.

Fifty Coffees Later

This is a space I created to connect with other women through fashion, my family and real life moments. Motherhood is why I started this blog. It’s truly a secret language that only other moms can understand. So I didn’t get it until March 13th, 2020 when I had my little Ella.

Coming from a job as a TV news reporter, I decided to connect the only way I know how… through media.

This blog helped me through those rough first months, but ultimately it’s a place that I come to for inspiration. When I feel inspired, I want to share it with you. When I don’t feel so inspired, I come here to get inspiration from YOU! It’s a give and take relationship here 😉 .

A lot changes when you become a mom. It can be hard to navigate, but I promise balance will come! Hey mama, you can still dress up, you can still look good. You can still take time for yourself. And you can still have bad days!


I went to school for journalism. Connecting with people is human nature and working in news gives me that opportunity every day. It really is my calling, and if you’re anything like me, you know how hard it can be to find a career that drives and inspires you.

My friends would probably tell you that I’m a real ball buster. I’m always busting someones chops. I like to have a good time and I’m not afraid to look a little silly doing it.

Here are a few facts about me. I’d love to learn more about you too. Connect with me on instagram @amandabeckernews or tell me a little bit about yourself in the comments! below.

  • My Starbucks drink is an iced caramel latte with an extra shot and whip on top
  • I changed majors about 10 times in college . I finally got my bachelor degree at 29.
  • I was a bartender at a martini bar for like… 10 years
  • I’m from a neighborhood right outside of Chicago
  • I live in Milwaukee with my husband and our little girl
  • I love me a red wine, it’s usually Pinot Noir in my glass
  • I love a good murder mystery. I’ll even watch in the dark. Alone.
  • I need to be creative- writing, photographing, singing (not well, sorry)
  • I love a good car concert with the radio cranked
  • I’m v. unorganized and my husband is v. organized. That does NOT mean it evens out, LOL
  • My favorite stores right now: Marshalls, Lulus, Asos, H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch

Ok, well I think that’s enough about me. So look around & I hope you find all of the inspo you’re craving & more.