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3 Tips to Hit This Father’s Day Out of the Park

May 26, 2020

Plus a Dozen Dad Approved Gift Ideas

June is just one week away! Can you believe it? I can’t. That means it’s time to start thinking about Father’s Day.
It’s just another day to show the dads in our life some love, and to thank them for always doing the dirty work— like taking out the trash and emptying the diaper pail.

This year will be Mike’s first Father’s Day, so I’m planning to make it a memorable one.

Mike is impossible to shop for which makes any holiday really hard. Luckily, it’s not about spending a ton of money. It’s about making the day extra special for him.

Here are a few ideas you can try. Don’t forget to make it fun and make it your own. Within each idea I’ve also linked some Mike-approved gift ideas.

1. Think Bacon
If you’re searching for something for your husband from you and the kids, consider upgrading the traditional breakfast in bed, think bacon donuts, bacon cupcakes and bacon in the shape of a heart.

It’s all about the presentation. Let him sleep in, and serve it to him on a tray with coffee and a bacon and egg sandwich or bacon oatmeal.

For your dad, send him a bacon basket like this one from 1800 Flowers or make a similar one yourself.

2. Personalize it
I remember buying my dad so many “#1 dad” shirts and mugs growing up. Usually they had funny sayings or pictures, but they were all super cheesy. My dad was nice enough to use them from time to time. Now, thanks to websites like Etsy, you don’t need to buy him a shirt that’ll mostly collect dust at the bottom of his dresser.

There’s something for everyone on Etsy, from the Starbucks drinking dad to the jewelry wearing dad.

Other ideas we love are this personalized air freshener with a picture that he can hang in his car and this custom family portrait that turns your family into cartoon characters.

3. Something from mom too
If your kids are still too young to thank dad, you can do it for them. Get him a card and sign it for them.

Then spoil him with something he can enjoy after they’re asleep— a six pack of his go-to beer or something local that he’s never tried. A lot of grocery stores offer build your own six packs, so you can customize it with love. If you have a Total Wine and More near you, they have a great beer selection for the craft beer lover.

If the kiddos are old enough have them make him a card to go with it.

Is he more of a whiskey drinker? What about a whiskey stone? It keeps his drink cold without watering it down. Etsy has some just for dad.

Have another cool idea of your own? Share it in the comments. Whatever you decide to do for the special dads in your life, add your own unique touch and he’s sure to love it!

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