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How I Practice Gratitude & Why It’s Made Me a Better Mom

June 8, 2020

Focusing on the positive in your life can change your mindset and your mood. While it may seem minor, and even unrealistic at times, shifting just one thought a day makes a big difference over time.

I’ve been there. When it doesn’t seem like there’s anything to be thankful for. Everything feels like it’s going to shit. You can’t seem to focus on anything but negative, negative, negative. But those are the times it’s most important to practice gratitude, and I promise you can find one thing in your life to be thankful for. Here are some of the habbits I’ve acquired over the years that’ve really helped. I try not to use them daily and not only when I’m feeling low.

It’s much harder to be thankful when you’re already feeling shitty about everything in your life. If you start your morning on the right foot, your whole day is likely to go better. It’s a good routine and it makes for a positive lifestyle versus just being thankful once in a while.

  1. Five-Minute Morning Meditation
    Since becoming a mom, my day no longer starts on my own terms, but I still try to do a quick meditation first thing in the morning. Now that Ella is a few months, I usually get a few minutes while she just lays in her bassinet in the morning. I prefer the mornings because it helps me start my whole day off with a better attitude. It’s a good routine and it makes for a positive lifestyle versus just being thankful once in a while.

    When I’m feeling up to it I’ll set aside some time while she naps to do a longer guided meditation, but the 5 minutes in the morning is just me clearing my head. Starting the day with a clear mind. Some days I just envision good thoughts. It makes a huge difference once I pick that baby up.
  2. Daily Positive Affirmations
    This sounds fancier than it is. Think of it like a personal pep talk. Repeating words of positivity aloud or in your head shifts your whole mood. This is something I usually do as I get ready in the morning. It’s another time throughout my day I use for reflection. There are a few different ways you can do this. First, just say something positive to yourself every day. It can be something simple like “My skin is looking radiant” or “I’m lucky to have such great friends to lean on.”

    If you’re looking for something more profound, there are a ton of positive “I am” mantras online or apps that can help. I use The Secret Daily teachings. It costs a few dollars, but this one is absolutely my favorite. It’s a great mental health investment if you can swing it.
    Otherwise I’m sure there are Facebook groups that offer something similar.

    The Secret App isn’t always positive thoughts, sometimes it’s also tips on how to welcome more abundance into your life. See Below for an example of one from this month.
  3. Share Your Gratitude With Others
    I started doing this recently after a family friend sent me a text telling me why she was grateful to have me in her life. It made my day. I mean think about it. We all want to hear that someone is thinking about us even during our busy day to day lives. Let me tell you, it’s just as rewarding telling others. It’s a reminder that life is short and we can tell people what they mean to us while we’re still here.

    I try to do this just a couple times a month. I’ve sent messages to friends, family and former coworkers that I still keep in touch with.

Keep going. Some days it may feel like this positive stuff isn’t working. It happens, but start over the next day. It gets easier the more you do it. I promise.

When we change our mindset to be more positive, we change our lives and the people we spend the most time with. My daughter will no doubt benefit from my clear headspace and positive attitude.

If you want to dive deep into gratitude, positive affirmations and how the universe responds read more about the Secret.

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  1. Changing your mind to a positive one is hard work… love the tips! And you’re and awesome gorgeous mamaaa ✨✨

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