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Tips for Instagram-Worthy Pictures in Cold Weather

December 14, 2020

The winter months make it hard for all of us to change the backdrop of our photos. How many times can you really take a picture in front of your Christmas tree or that gallery wall at home?

Taking pictures in the cold comes with the obvious struggles, like trying to look cute while freezing your ass off. But it’s also harder to find places when the trees are bare and everything seems to look colorless.

  1. Find an old city building or train station- First of all, it’s warm, so that’s where I’m trying to be in the winter. Every average size city has at least one of these. If yours is nothing to write home about, look at the next biggest city nearby. Historical buildings are so easy to take pictures at. You could also look for a train station. They’ve often been around for a long time and have old architecture and they’re open inside!
Photo taken at Chicago’s Union Station.

2. Find a house or business with pretty decorations- Ok, so this requires your to stand in the cold and even take off your coat if you’re trying to show off your outfit, but it’s always worth it, right? Sometimes when the baby isn’t napping well or I just need to getaway (she’s really good in the car, thankfully!), I take a drive around town and scope out places that I think would work for pictures. Sometimes parks and malls have fancy light displays. Ice Skating rinks make a fun place for a picture and I love buildings that decorate with old-times charm. Are you catching my theme? I love anything old 🙂 But jot down places that catch your eye and go home and brainstorm!

Garland and large bows adorn a business in downtown Cedarburg, Wisconsin

3. Make a space (without spending money!) Ideas are endless around the holidays, and if you’re anything like me, you probably have things from past projects sitting around that can be put to use. I pulled out an old bar cart that was collecting dust in my basement for a little New Years Even photoshoot. You can also grab decorations from around your house and place them where you need them for pictures. It’s all an illusion. Sorry to the people who just thought I had endless decorations, but reduce, reuse, recycle!

Using garland from out mantle, some wrapping paper, and an ornament I took a picture of Ella squiggling around on the floor.

I hope you found these ideas helpful. Drop a comment below with other ideas or specific questions. I’d love to help.

Happy Holidays & stay warm, friends!

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