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Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List (2020)

November 10, 2020

I made all the lists & checked them twice… Ok, I’ll spare you the Christmas puns. Below I’ve compiled dozens of ideas to help you shop for everyone on or your list this year!

Shopping can take away from the best parts of the season, so in hopes of not letting it overwhelm me, I start brainstorming ideas early!

If you’re the shopper on a budget (or just love a good deal), the last minute shopper, or you’re just looking for that one tricky person, keep reading!

Guides you’ll find below:
Gifts under $25
Stocking stuffers
Gift for your man
Gifts for your lady
Gifts for the Baby/Toddler
Gifts for teens
Sprucing up edibles (Not those edibles ;))

Monogram Dopp– Great for him or her. Travelers or anyone on the go a lot.

Brumate Winesulator and Brumate Tumbler and a highball too!

Slippers- Love these soft slippers from Target.

Shower Cup Holder– This cup holder suctions to the shower. You can choose one that fits a coffee mug, wine glass or regular glass.

Handheld Milk Frother– Perfect gift for the at home coffee drinker. Foamy cream makes every coffee better.

Carhartt Hat– Men love these, but they’re in style right now for the whole family!

Anker Portable Phone Charger– I know people who swear by this charger. It’s great quality! A phone cord is sold separately.

Initial Mug– Anthropology has the cutest initial mugs. They’re super stylish and great for mom, aunt, holiday party hostesses. Here’s another.

Boost phone charger– Just lay your phone down and it charges quick.

Blue Tooth Speaker– This portable blue tooth speaker is a versatile gift for men. Uses: summer days outside listening to music, tailgating for the sports lover, or the handyman who listens to music while he works.

AirPods and monogrammed AirPods case– AirPods are the gift to have give and receive his year, but step it up for him by giving them in a personalized leather case.

Weathertech CupFone Car Charger– If he spends a lot of time in the car he’ll love this.

Gamer headphones– Is he working from home more? He doesn’t have to be a gamer to love these headphones. They cancel out all of the other noise around him and they’ll help him get sh** done.

Universe Projector– This is not your kids projector, ladies. This thing is intricate. The for the fun guy.

Hoodie– What guy doesn’t love a good hoodie? This Banana Republic one is Mike’s favorite and it’ll last him years.

Reversible Leather Belt– Everyone needs a go to belt in black AND brown! Why not have one that works for both.

Headlamp– These are clutch for camping or when the power goes out, lol.

Sneaker Balls– I’ve been using these for years. Keep your shoes fresh in between wears and seasons.

FASTBACK Utility Knife– Another tried and true. Similar to a Swiss Army knife, it has tons of uses.

Snack Queen Slippers- If she likes to snack then she’ll appreciate these. I know I do 😉

Wet Brush– Amazing for brushing hair right out of the shower.

Scrunchies– Can you have too many? Scrunchies made a comeback in 2020 and she’s probably not mad about it. So. Many. Cute. Scrunchies.

Hand Sanitizer Backpack Clips– These have always been a thing, but I’m sure you see the extra need for them these days.

Bath toys– I think bath toys are the perfect stocking stuffer! Inexpensive and so necessary.

Silicone Sippy Cup with Snack Lid– This sip cup is so cute and comes in mint, pink or blue. The snack lid is an added bonus.

Melissa and Doug Food Groups- Melissa and Doug have some of the cutest toys. I love this because of the versatility. Use it to teach foods or colors or just motor skills for the young ones.

Animal Rocker– This is going to look so cute in Ella’s room. It has a little seat, unlike a lot of rockers, so she’ll be able to use it a little sooner than the 3 year recommended age. Here’s the Dolphin.

Montessori Spelling Practice– Ella’s a little young for spelling, but I wanted to include something for the toddlers too. IF she was older, we’d definitely be getting this.

Baby Einstein Piano– Great for many ages. Do all babies like music as much as her? She’s obsessed.

Bee Crawl Ball– This is so fun, it has three languages, and it encourages little ones to get moving!

Educational Magnets– We got Ella these animal magnets, but they have letters, numbers, shapes and a ton of different types. Magnets are a great way to bring learning into play.

Wooden Flashcards– I love that these are wood. more fun, but educational, things to play with!

Music cube– You guys know I’m always intentional with our toys. I like to make sure they’re simple enough to be educational but also engaging. This is at the top of my list since Ella just loves music.

Anthropology Hat– It’s just so cute and stylish for a kid!

Revlon Hot Brush– Everyone that uses this swears by it! It makes getting ready for work easier and gives volume while brushing and drying hair.

AirPods and stylish case– This case from Etsy will help her tell her AirPods from all the others.

Ember Coffee Mug– For every mom out there especially, but honestly everyone needs one of these. The coffee mug that keeps your coffee hot, and it’s controlled from your phone.

Diffuser– I love this diffuser. Diffusers are in right now, and they’re better for you (and last longer) than candles. Here’s another cute diffuser from Urban Outfitters.

Sherpa (Teddy) coat– In the streets we call this a Teddy Coat, but I think the technical name is sherpa half/quarter/full zip. So soft.

Monogramed Leather Bag– women love a good leather bag, but personalizing it is next level! Here’s another one from Madewell.

Kitchen Aid Mixer– It’s such a splurge that she might not buy it for herself, but this thing is WORTH it.

Barefoot Dreams Blanket– Want to spoil her? Barefoot Dreams is the epitome of luxury. She’ll never use anything else again. They also make robes and socks….

Scarf– Buying her clothes might be a risk, but a stylish scarf is E-Z! She’ll love the effort.

Personalized Letter Necklace– I never take mine off. There are a lot of places to get these, but this one is great quality. You can get someones name or initials.

Bottle of Wine, put it in a Winesulator– Don’t Just give a bottle of wine, give it in a Winesulator. As someone who drinks a lot of wine, I love Brumate one. This bottle of Rose is from Target.

Hot Cocoa, Add a Towel. I’ve heard amazing things about this Starbucks hot cocoa tin. You could even spruce it up with marshmallows. I added this nice kitchen towel from Target. Here’s a cute holiday one too! Individually sold here.

Stemless Champagne Flutes, add Sugarfina Garnishes– Get ’em all ready for the new year! Macy’s has you covered for this whole gift. Looking for more inexpensive flutes… love these here. Sugarfina Sugar Lips

Family Movie Night- I’m gushing over this personalized popcorn bowl. Etsy has some unique ones too. Like this Disney themed one, plus mini buckets for the whole family. Add popcorn, or this World Market popcorn seasoning.

Stonewear Berry Dish, add some color with candy- These berry dishes are so stylish, and maybe a little bougie. No need to grab berries last minute. Pick up their favorite candies. Target has lots of movie theater candies.

Mini Whiskey Bottles, add a Whiskey Cube Maker and/or some of these dried fruits– You can buy these “in booze” dried fruits for whatever he/she drinks. They’re not just for whiskey drinkers. They have some for gin and old fashions.

[These links are affiliate links. I make a commission if you purchase these items (at no extra cost to you). I only share products that I would genuinely recommend 🙂 Hope you found something you love!]

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Favorite Amazon Gifts (+2 day PRIME shipping!)
Convenience store gifts
Last minute gifts
Gifts for the person who has it all
Oops Gifts for that person you didn’t know you had to shop for

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