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Style: Jeans, get ’em straight

January 12, 2021

Straight-leg jeans are my absolute favorite trend right now. In fact, I hope they never go away. From what I’ve read, they’re here to stay for 2021 at least, woo hoooo! So, I’m going to show you how I’ll be wearing mine all year long.

This style is a win-win-win for me. I’ve always been a fan of a looser fitting jean. Plus, straight leg jeans are usually high waisted, which I love, and they’re comfortable!

But, they can be a struggle to style. Finding the right top and shoes to go with them is much harder than a pair of leggings.

Here are four outfits I put together with my favorite pair of straight-leg jeans, and some tips I’ve learned about styling them through my own trial and error.


Nothing goes better with a bodysuit than straight leg jeans!
I usually go for ankle booties with them, because I think having something over the ankle elongates the pants. This helps make so my legs don’t look short too, since they’re a crop jean and hit above the ankle.


Cardigans are on repeat for me during the colder months. This one is hi-low, so it’s longer in the back. This style is perfect for high-waisted jeans but I think any Cardigan looks just as good.
If it’s not shorter in the front, I like to tuck it into my jeans like I did in this picture.
I wore the same ankle booties with this outfit.


Here’s a warmer weather look, and I can’t wait to wear this outfit outside when spring arrives here in Wisconsin.
Anything that cinches around the waist looks good with looser jeans because it helps give you shape. A tighter fitting crop top would also look great.
I like these heels with a straight leg jean for two reasons- they have an ankle strap and they’re pointy. (Also love these in leopard.)
The ankle strap gives the same feel as a bootie. It makes the pants feel less like capris.
I wish I could explain the pointy toe, but it was really just trial and error. I always seem to gravitate to pointy shoes with these jeans.


I added this pic just to bring my points home and show you something without a heel.
I tucked the t-shirt in so that it shows off my waist (it also helps to elongate the legs). I like a pointy toe when wearing flats too.

Have you found other ways to style straight leg jeans that were a hit? I’d love to hear them! And let me know what you think about these styles below.

[All of the outfits linked in this article are things I’m wearing or similar. If you order something through my link I make a commission at no extra charge to you! Thanks for supporting my blog!]

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