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What Ella’s Wearing- It’s all LOVE

January 11, 2021

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! So we wanted to share some LOVE this week, and I think that’s exactly what everyone needs right now. Ella’s outfits were all about LOVE and I’m linking all of my favorite Valentine’s Day pieces for little girls. Enjoy a nice slobbery baby kiss, XOXO.

Monday: Have you ever tried to get an almost-ten-month-old to sit for a picture? Whew! It’s a sweaty task. Instead I just chase her around her room and capture any smile she’ll give me.

Ella’s Wearing: Heart “skater” dress is Kohl’s Jumping Bean brand. I love this brand because it’s affordable and adorable. It’s a casual cotton dress. Perfect for a day at home or out and about. I can’t find the exact style online. Here’s another super cute one! Here’s a more colorful one. She’s wearing 12 months. These red bloomers are from a different summer outfit we have. Tights would also be so cute with this dress.

Thursday: You know what’s great about this age? Ella is finally starting to enjoy (short) cuddles with me. I feel like they’re intentional… Like she wants to be in my arms. I melt a little more each time. But she’s 100 percent a daddy’s girl (it only kind of pains me to say). When Mike walks into the room this (below) is usually her face. I do not get the same treatment.

Ella’s Wearing: Knit leggings from Gap. They’re my favorite shade of dark blue with gold hearts. She’ll definitely be wearing these again. This time we just went for the plain white onesie with them 😉 Check out her outfits from last week for this pack of white onesies.

Friday: Ella’s new favorite hobby is emptying out her dresser drawers. It’s one of those things that gives us both the giggles, and she does not like being told to stop.

Ella’s Wearing: It was a jammie day! Actually, most of this week was spent in pajamas, haha. This sleeper has hearts all over. It was a Christmas gift from Ella’s cousins, but I found them at Kohls. She’s wearing 12 months. They’re a little long on her right now, but she just had to get into them for Valentines Day.

Saturday: Having a baby gives every part of life a new appreciation. When I saw this picture I thought about how it will be a favorite of mine forever. Her crooked little smile is perfect. Then, of course I had to over think it…We often see our physical flaws as these horrible things we want to get rid of. But those are the things that our parents adore about us. I hope she loves her smile as much as I do.

Ella’s Wearing
Carters pink onesie from Amazon- it has little hearts knitted in (zoom in).
Bow from Target.
Grey pants also from target and mismatched socks.

Sunday: We love Sundays in our house. We soak up the last day with daddy before he goes back to work.

Ella’s Wearing: These gray pants are from Target. They came in a three pack. I found these similar pants. Also, these heart sweatpants are too cute.
Red Headband also came in a three pack.

Which outfit is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to check back next week for more of Ella’s looks!

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