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Loungewear: My favorite comfy sets

February 1, 2021

Well, I always kind of thought stay-at-home mom life would be all loungewear all day, and I was right. But you know I have to keep it real with you here, most days It’s not pretty matching sets. Sometimes it’s two days in the same sweater with green bean and peanut butter stains. “I swear it’s only peanut butter” I told the mail lady one afternoon.

But sometimes I shower, do my hair and makeup all just to put on another pair of Pajamas! So I’m bringing you my favorite comfy sets.

This one is from Victoria’s Secret, it’s not available anymore, but this one looks identical to it // This one is on the top of my wishlist// Just the bottoms, but this one also looks identical

I’m obsessed with this waffle knit set from Gap, and if you know, you know Gap always has the best loungewear. Since jogger sets are totally acceptable to wear out of the house, here’s one on my wishlist. Sweatshirt and shorts (below) are perfect for year-round comfiness. They’re not available anymore, but I’m obsessing over this chenille shorts and sweater set!

Picture taken June 2020 when Ella was just 3 months old.

Since I love a good animal print PJ, I’m bringing another leopard print to the table. These are SO soft. and I’m a fan of any PJ set with a Henley.

Have you been wearing more loungewear in 2021? Overall, if you’re looking for a comfy pair of Pajamas, I’d start with Gap. Do you have any go-to places for PJs?

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  1. These are such cute sets!! I spend most weekends in loungewear doing homework, but like you, they’re never cute matching sets. I just rock the old stained t-shirt and some hand-me-down sweatpants, haha!

    Miles of smiles,

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