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Wardrobe basics how-to: buy less and wear your clothes more

February 18, 2021

I love basic wardrobe pieces that I can wear over and over again for years and years. I know, it’s hard to believe in the age of instagram and the iPhone 12 Max Pro that we could re-wear something!

Yes, I too feel the need to constantly share new outfits and have a fresh ever-changing wardrobe. Here on my blog and on instagram I want to bring you the latest outfit trends. That doesn’t mean spending a fortune every month or even every season!

I’ve learned a thing or two over the last year about how to save some money and not give in to my fast fashion temptations. It’s possible to have a few staple pieces that you wear time and again. It’s even possible to make them look different, new and fresh.

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To start, I’d say you need about 15 staple pieces. You can reevaluate and build on to these every year. I probably have a little more than this now, but 15 is a solid start. You don’t need to go out and buy certain pieces. Here’s how you can find your 15 pieces.

Neutral doesn’t just mean black and white
Mix and match for the win
Splurge on quality pieces that don’t go out of style


While black, white and nudes are solid “staple pieces,” find some neutral reds, purples and pinks that you love too. These are easy to wear without being the focal point of an outfit and still give you some flavor and variety.

Layers, layers, layersssss

A tank can be warn three times in a week without anyone even noticing (I personally prefer body suits over regular tank tops). Dresses and skirts are great to layer too! Add a cardigan, a light jacket, or a statement necklace.

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Mix and match for the win
Staple pieces for me include a mix of short and long sleeves, blue jeans and black, cardigans and a jean jacket. When you’re putting together your wardrobe staples, look for this variety! One of my tanks is ribbed, the other is smooth and another is silky. I also have a couple of crop tops. One pair of my jeans is light with tears and the other is a darker without rips!

Splurge on quality pieces

For me it’s jeans. I’m picky about them and I could wear them everyday. I think if you wear leggings everyday, you should splurge on them! Quality leggings will cost the same thing in the long run, you won’t have to replace them as often and they’ll look better too.

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I still love to buy seasonal pieces. When they’re on sale or when I just can’t pass it up. But a basic, staple wardrobe has really helped me with spending and helped me find my personal style. When you’re being more choosy about what you buy and how long you’ll wear it, you think more about what you like and what you really don’t.

Since spring is right around the corner, I’m going to put these staple pieces to the test. Come back next week to see how I take these pieces I’ve been wearing all winter, and transition them into my spring and summer outfits too!

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