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Mixing drinks with Amanda: Moscow Mule

February 20, 2021

Fun fact about me: I was a bartender for many years while I put myself through college! For about 6 years I worked at a bar/ restaurant that served dozens of Martinis (shout out Bar Louie!).

Every bartender knows that pour counts or drink recipes are so engrained in your brain that you never forget them!

So I started doing weekly live videos over on my Instagram putting those old bartender skills to use.

I polled my instagram audience with a few drink options like sangria, martinis, spritzers. The overwhelming majority chose a Moscow Mule! I can’t blame them, a mule is a solid go to! It’s also a simple drink with just three ingredients.

What you need:
ginger beer
Optional but totally worth it: a “copper” mug. It keeps the drink colder longer. In the summer we use ours for so many drinks on ice.

Building your drink
Start by filling the glass with ice. You want it to be cold, and if you’re someone who isn’t in to a ton of ice, don’t worry once you start adding the liquid it’ll settle.
Cut your lime into wedges. You want about three lime wedges- Squeezed and dropped into the mug (that’s about an ounce of lime juice)
Add two ounces of vodka. Most standard tall shot glasses are two ounces. If you have a shaker tin set, sometimes they come with measuring cups like this one that we have.

Drink up and enjoy! Follow me here on instagram to see more drink recipes!

If you’re not a vodka fan, there are a ton of other mules you can try by just switching the vodka. Try whiskey for a Kentucky mule, Jameson for an Irish mule and the list goes on!

Do you love Moscow mules? Let me know your favorite drink or recipe you’d like to see here next week!

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