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The Paloma: my version

May 5, 2021

Mexican cuisine is definitely in my top two favorite food… groups? LOL

Tacos, burritos, micheladas, margaritas…. They’re some of the best food and drinks. 

I love a margarita just about every day of the year, but to me, Cinco De Mayo calls for a Paloma.  

They do have some things in common— they’re  both delicious and tequila based. Palomas are actually more popular in Mexico than Margaritas, but they’re little harder to come by here in the US. That’s why when I see one on a menu its an easy YES for me. And if I have to choose to make one at home… it would be a Paloma. 

There are a few different variations of it (It depends on what ingredients are easiest for you to get, but they’re the same flavors. ) 

I call this Paloma “my version” for a couple reasons, while I didn’t come up with the drink on my own, I think this is the less commonly used recipe (but easiest) And I do make one unique change to it… I sugar the rim of the glass. Palomas usually call for a salted rim, but I love mine with sugar. 

Gold-rimmed highball glasses / gorgeous bar cart similar to mine / Jarritos Grapefruit

Heres how I made it:

Fill a shaker tin with ice then add….
One shot of tequila (I used Camarena Silver)
1 oz of lime juice (I just squeeze in half of a lime for fresh lime juice)
Squeeze a couple slices of grapefruit.

Pour into a sugar-rimmed glass and top with Jarritos Grapefruit soda. 

Watch me make it below

If you can’t find Jarritos Grapefruit (it is the less common of the Jarritos flavors) you can top with half grapefruit juice/half soda water.  

Do you like Palomas? If you had to choose would you pick a margarita or a paloma? Let me know in the comments below. If you try this, let me know what you think!

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