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Preparing for your ‘mommy and me’ photoshoot

May 11, 2021

I’ve wanted a “mommy and me” pictures since the day I found out we were having a girl. No, they’re not exclusive to mamas and little girls (I definitely have some boy tips in here too), but there’s something special about mommy-daughter pics. The little matching outfits… I’m a sucker.

If you’re in the process of planning a mommy and me shoot, you’ve come to the right place. Today I’m sharing all of my tips– from choosing outfits to choosing a photographer!

CHOOSE A COLOR SCHEME TO WORK AROUND. Start by looking at baby/toddler/child outfits. This will give you an idea of what’s out there and what colors you may be able to match to.Then look for your dress (or blouse) to match. Just because they’re both blue doesn’t mean they’ll look the same.

Even if you don’t want to wear the exact same colors, you’ll want to make sure they look good together. I always make an inspo board. I take screenshots of each piece and look at them side by side before I commit.

My inspiration boards usually aren’t very pretty. They’re just a way for me to visualize my ideas and get them out of my head

Here’s how our outfits turned out. I found Ella’s dress on Amazon. The color was called periwinkle, so I looked for periwinkle dresses to match. For her specific dress, the product picture didn’t show the color well, so I looked at picture reviews. If you can buy in person or look at pictures of actual people in the outfit it’s always best.

My dress was Express, but I found it on Poshmark.

Scroll down to see other color matches that I put together for you! Photo Credit: Sunkissed Photography

CHOOSING THE RIGHT PHOTOGRPAPHER. There are tons of ways to find people to take your picture. Vu, from Sunkissed Photography reached out to me on Instagram. Instagram is a great place to find a photographer because it’s basically one big portfolio.

Make sure you like the style of the photographer you choose. Do you like the lighting? Do you like the poses and the mood they capture? Do you communicate well together?

A photographer will likely ask you where you’d like the pictures taken, but don’t be afraid to ask them for suggestions too. If you like a specific place they’ve taken pictures before, tell them!

What I loved about Sunkissed Photography was that Vu and I shared inspiration boards and different ideas, so she was able to come up with a great spot to take our pictures.

WORK AROUND YOUR BABY’S SCHEDULE. If they’re fussy or just not having it (It happens, everyone knows it) all you can do is accept it. This specific day Ella just wasn’t feeling very smiley. She’s a very serious child LOL. Bringing your partner along or their favorite toys might help. But be calm and have fun!

Four Mommy and Me Photoshoot Color Options


Any unanswered questions about your upcoming photoshoot? Let me know below and I’ll try to answer them for you!

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