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I’m going back to work, my favorite professional dresses

May 30, 2021

If you follow me on any of my social channels, you already know that I’m going back to work! I’ve been off the last year spending time with Ella, and I’m so grateful we got this time and I’m going to miss all of our morning cuddles and cartoons, but I’m so excited get back to work!

I love sharing things with you all here on Fifty Coffees Later! I usually come up with ideas for things to write about based on what’s going on in my life. A full time job leaves some questions about the direction of this blog. For now I plan to keep writing and sharing things here. The focus of some of the content might change a little, but I hope you’ll continue to join me on the journey.

This week I’ve been shopping for some work dresses. My new position is a digital producer and reporter. That means I’ll be doing web stuff for the first half of my shift and I’ll be reporting for the noon and 4 pm shows.

Being a reporter means I’m usually outside in the elements. And being a reporter in Wisconsin means I’m usually wearing long pants most of the year. During the colder months I do a lot of blouse shopping. But right now we’re moving into June which means my favorite season… summer!! It also means I get to shop for dresses, yay!

The best type of dresses for the office (and news reporters)
I became a big fan of the sheath dress when I started working in news. Anchors and reporters often wear sheath dresses. Why you ask? I don’t know the actual answer to this, but I have a good guess based on my personal experience. The sheath dress won’t blow up in the wind. This makes it ideal for reporters when out in the field. One Fourth of July I wore a wrap dress to do live shots at a festival. I had to tie down the dress using my phone strap and microphone because the wind kept blowing it up, yikes! Although Anchors are usually not out in the field, sheath dresses are very comfortable, they’re easy to move around in and you’re unlikely to have any wardrobe malfunction, unlike a wrap dress (sorry to pick on the wrap dress, but I just don’t think they’re the best pick for work).

Amazon has a lot of affordable sheath dresses. Here are some that I picked up for work.

Green Lark & Ro, Gray Homeyee , Miusol Pink, Kasper Black and Blue, Ann Klein Purple, Kasper Black and Yellow

Calving Klein, Eliza J, Adrianna Papell, NY& Co, Kasper, Miusol, Homeyee, Ralph Lauren and Alyx (JC Penney) are all popular brands that have a lot of sheath dress options!

I also love a pencil skirt and flat shoes are a necessity for my job. What are your go-to outfits for work? I’ll be sharing more of this as I shop for work more often!

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