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Revamping our entryway with greenery

August 14, 2021

I love the color green and I’ve always loved the idea of having plants all over the house to add a natural pop of color. Especially in the entryway of our current house. It’s not really functional for anything other than providing a ton of sunlight and a place to take off our shoes, so plants seem obvious. But it’s just never worked out… because I kill all of my plants– womp womp.

So, I inherited a Peace Lily a few months ago and I’ve managed to keep it alive. My mom tells me they’re actually impossible to kill, so it makes sense why I’m having any success. When the leaves start slumping I just give it some water and it comes back to life within 24 hours.

Well my Peace Lily inspired me to restart my greenery decor mission around our house. So, I’ve mixed in a few new REAL plants with my faux plants.

I got a money tree and a fiddle leaf fig. We have two faux plants from Target. A little miniature potted grass plant (it’s $5!!) and a palm plant.

You can find links to other items pictured here!

Well it’s been a week and they’re still looking good! I leave a little water spray bottle nearby in case the leaves need a misting throughout the week. It has a drop of lemon essential oil, because I’m told lemon is good for plants!

I water them (all three of them hahaha) every Saturday.

I’ll keep you guys updated about how it’s going. Share all of your plant tips in the comments. So many of you recommended social media accounts to help, and I’ve followed all of them 🙂

I’m also revamping Ella’s bedroom. We’d love to switch her over to a toddler bed soon, and I have a lot of ideas to change up the whole room when we do!

Have a great week! Oh, and share your favorite plants too because I MAY be in the market for more if all goes well ;).

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