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Style: Relaxed Winter Day at Home

January 3, 2021

It’s official, the extra-long weekend is over. Like most people, Mike has the week between Christmas and New Years off, which means we got to spend so much time together. It also means tomorrow is about to be the Monday-est of all the Mondays for us.

It felt like ten days, but they’re all so jam packed visiting family and doing all of the holiday things. So, we decided to take a couple days this week to stay home and relax.

I’m wearing an off-the-shoulder chunky knit sweater from Forever 21. This was a gift. It fits comfortably but it still looks stylish (I love having my neck free, haha)/ Here’s a similar one also from Forever 21 / This one also recently caught my eye from H&M (You know I love a gray sweater)/ Leggings are Abound from Nordstrom Rack (inexpensive and good quality)/ I love Target socks, but these are my go-to / Ella’s outfit is all linked here

To shop this whole picture (furniture and all) go here

I don’t go back to a job, per se, tomorrow, but it was still a break for me having extra hands to help with everything.

Relaxing meant a lot of self care for me. I drank so much water (and some wine of course, LOL). We didn’t even put our Christmas decorations away! Instead we watched movies and just hung out. I also, finally took off the red nail polish that was on my nails for the entire month of December, no joke.

And I used my new facial steamer. Another Christmas gift for me, and I absolutely love this thing. It has a spot to add a drop of essential oils for an aromatherapy facial too.

EZBasics facial steamer comes with facial kits for blemishes.

What does relaxing mean to you? This was the perfect way to start off the new year for me. I didn’t set New Years resolutions, because I’m still working on last years. Instead I’m just focusing on the things I want to happen and finding joy in the littlest things every day.

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