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What Ella’s Wearing (12/27-1/2)

January 3, 2021

Happy New Year! “What Ella’s wearing” is a new segment that I’ve decided to kick off 2021 with! 

So, here’s how it’ll work… Every Sunday I’ll round up the week in a post. I’ll share pics of her in her cute lil outfits (maybe give you some ideas for your little one), and I’ll also be able to talk about things going on in our life. So many firsts and major milestones during the (what I call) pre-toddler   stage. I cannot wait to share it all.

Week 1

Well, I hate to start this off with a somber mood, but my grandpa passed away just before Christmas. He lived to be 91-years-old! I think that’s a great age by anyone’s standards! He struggled with dementia for the last year or two, so we know he’s in a much better state now. 

Ella’s wearing:
Black dress with gold specks from Janie and Jack (6-12 months). Black tights from Target 0-6 months (She’s about 18 lbs 2’6″ and these fit her perfectly)

We spent the day at home clearing out the presents from under the Christmas tree and opening more toys. Wow, kids get a lot of toys for Christmas, LOL. 

Ellas wearing:
Floral one-piece from Gap. She got this one for Christmas. I love the soft material and it’s perfect for her to wear all day.

We woke up to almost 8″ of snow this morning. This is our first snow of the season and Ellas first ever! It’s pretty late in the year for Wisconsin it’s pretty late. Usually not a big snow person here, sorry! But getting Ella out there on a sled with the puppy romping around in the snow. This is what it’s all about.

Ella’s Wearing
This sled is perfect for little ones. She fits snug in the seat.
Leopard Michael Kors snowsuit is a hand-me-down. It’s not available anymore, but here are a few similar suits
Another Michael Kors Snowsuit
Another leopard snowsuit
Gap has really cute snowsuits too
Carhartt beanie in black. It’s made for toddlers but it fits her head so good. It’s our go to.

It’s New Years Eve! Usually we’d be all dressed up and going out, but this year life is just different! We decided to just stay home, just the three of us. We rang in the new year in Australia with Ella (at like 9 AM our time LOL) and just hung out in our pajamas.

Ella’s Wearing:
Carters white, long-sleeve onesie
Pink striped waffle PJ pants- I bought these before Ella was even born, I THINK they were from a store called “Little One Shop Co.” But I couldn’t find the exact ones. Here are a few similar off of Etsy! Another and one more
These baby slippers- a must for baby’s who are starting to stand and walk. They don’t fall off her feet, ever, and they have grips on the bottom. Here’s another brand

Happy January ONE! Today was a much needed rest day. We usually (pre-baby) spent the day eating fondu, drinking mimosas and taking down our decorations. This time we actually didn’t do ANY of that. We just spent the day unwinding. The holidays have always been exhausting, but now that our family has grown, it’s next level! Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the time with family and I love being on the go. But sometimes you just need to take a seat and relax. Read more about our New Years weekend here.

Ella’s wearing:
Janie and Jack fur-lined shirt
Janie and Jack gray checkered wool pants
We love Janie and Jack because the clothes are cute but still so practical. Ella was moving around all day in this outfit and she was as comfortable as being in pajamas.

Which outfit is your favorite? Let me know n the comments below. And subscribe so you don’t miss “What Ella’s Wearing” next week.

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  1. Janie and Jack fur lined shirt and checkered pants! I agree comfortable but practical and Ella looks so cute in this outfit! Love shopping for clothes at target affordable and versatile!

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