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Our go-to summer cocktail: I’d-rather-be-on-a-beach sangria

March 22, 2021

I fell in love with sangria about five years ago and there’s been no turning back for me. Where to start about the perfect concoction…

First of all, it goes just as well with tacos as any margarita! It’s wine and alcohol, another win-win. I also love that it’s perfect for every season and event. Going to a party or the beach? Make a carafe to go (hence the name). Staying In, make a single glass or two or three.

Ok, now that I’ve used my best sales skills to convince you to try this awesome sangria 😉 here’s what you’ll need.

Red wine (completely your choice. Merlot is a solid option. For the recipe pictured I used a red blend from Target).
Amaretto ( I found a different brand at my local liquor store by DuBouchett)
Black Cherry Rum
A lemon, lime and orange (I use about half of each per glass) Ramekins pictured are from Target. They’re no longer available, but I love these from Anthropology.

1. Add 3 oz of red wine to a glass. It will probably be about 1/4 of the wine glass full, I know, very technical. Side note, I need these stackable stemless wine glasses.
2. Cut the fruit into wedges and squeeze two of each into the glass and drop them in.
3. Filling the shot glass half way, add half black cherry rum and half Amaretto.
4. Fill the glass with ice and shake lightly in a shaker. You can also just give it a good stir if you don’t have a shaker set.
5. Top with sprite. Make sure to leave some room in the glass to add a little sprite or any lemon and lime soda.

I used some of the extra orange on the rim for a garnish. You’ve got to try this drink! But make sure to come on back and tell me know what you think.

Other ways to make it: multiply the recipe by 3 to fit in a pitcher. Make two pitchers and strain into a carafe to take it somewhere for later, just make sure to keep it cold or refrigerate it once you get there 🙂

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